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How often should I do workouts?

Depending on your goals.  We recommend about 2 x resistance/weight training. 2 x cardio sessions.
30min high intensity sessions 2-4 x a week is recommended

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

We are a private studio, which gives you the whole gym to yourself. Allowing us to fully focus on technique and your goals. 
Welcoming and non intimating for first time goers.

Is your studio baby/child friendly?

Yes, All private sessions (some group classes, enquire) you can bring your child, we have some child friendly toys and a safe area for your child to play.

I've never been to a gym before is that ok?

We welcome all abilities and adapt every session to your goals and ability. You are welcome to come pop in to see studio and ask any questions before doing any sessions.

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